Sunshine Hills Veterinary Clinic

6449 120th Street
Delta, BC V4E 3G3


Hospital Policies 


Appointments & Scheduling

Our hospital operates by appointment only and we make every attempt to see each client on time. Emergencies will always be given the highest priority which occasionally causes a delay to a scheduled appointment. In such a case, you will be given the option of leaving your pet with us until the doctor can properly assess your pet's needs or if you would rather, you may reschedule for a new day and time. Particular periods of time are allotted for appointments dependent on the nature of your needs; most appointments are giving 30 minute time slots. If you are bringing more than one pet at a time we will schedule a 45 minute up to an hour of appointment time.


Patient Arrival Policy

We realize that your time is important to you, for this reason we ask that you arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment. This allows us time to update your client/patient information and ensures your appointment begins on time. We make every attempt to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible during their visits, they may be nervous in new surroundings with new people or around other animals. For your protection, and that of others, we request that all pets be restrained before entering the hospital. They should be on a leash or in a safe pet carrier. If you arrive late, you may be required to reschedule so as the next appointment is not delayed. If you are going to be a few minutes late due to traffic etc please give us a call. There will not be a fee for missed or cancelled appointments.


Contagious Diseases

If you believe your pet may have a contagious condition, (kennel cough, ringworm etc.) please notify the reception staff when scheduling your appointment. This will allow us to minimize the exposure of other patients.


Aggressive Pets

If your pet does not get along well with other animals, please notify the staff when booking the appointment, or when entering the building. Sometimes we may ask that your pet stays in the car until we are ready for you, or we may be able to bring you straight into a room to avoid any altercations. We do not discriminate against aggressive pets, we just want to keep everyone safe and happy.



Specially Ordered Products

Although we stock a wide variety of prescription diets, we do not have the capacity to stock the larger bags. We place food orders twice weekly and would be pleased to special order any size you require. Please give us a call before you run out of food so that we can ensure you have enough when you need it.


Payment Policy

We require payment in full at the time when services are rendered. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cash and Interact. Also, ask our staff for information on the various pet insurance companies or how to apply for Medicard (Veterinary Financing Credit Card). If you already have insurance, we will have you sign the form, then our doctors will fill out their information and send it off for you.